Attract Super Customers with “Attraction Leadership”

Relationships Matter

Attraction Leadership

Relationships Matter

I picked up a book the other day that had been on my shelf for two or maybe even three years and stuck my thumb on the pages and opened it just to get a glimpse of what may be in the pages.  Twenty minutes later I had my daily mindset reading done.

I had found this book at a yard sale with some other books that an ex-manager of a fast food chain had put out to sell for $1.  I thought, "how can I pass that up?"  The book is by John C. Maxwell and the title is Today Matters. 

The chapter I had randomly picked was about, you guessed it, Relationships.  What came to mind was what a Sunday School teacher had once said --  Relationships are Everything. 

Relationships are everything

Relationships are everything

A Hero's Story 

Maxwell says when a man with the last name of Hammer died he was a legend.  He was 92 years old and had done everything that others only dreamed of doing.  

He was praised in the newspapers and magazines as a millionaire by 21. Held in high favor because he  saved his father's company while he was still in school.   He was shown to be a great businessman because he went to Russia, bought great artwork and treasures and sold them in the united states.  

He bought a struggling petroleum company and turned it into a multi-billion dollar organization.   People thought he was a business genius. 

Super Leader Unveiled

According to Maxwell who references  the political scientist and author, Edward Jay Epstein's book Dossier: the secret History of Armand Hammer,  there was a very different man behind the stories told.    

I'll let you read the book to see what you think but the bottom line for this post is this, in his effort to appear as a leader, businessman, negotiator extraordinaire, he did not attract good, wholesome, long lasting relationships and it cost him dearly. 

Epstein says he was always in debt.  Marrying and divorcing to get the money to pay his bills, letting others take the fall for him and go to prison. Taking money from the children of the wives he had.  Paying for publicity to say how great he was and cover up the bad trail. 

Because of this... In the end, the book says he had a poorly attend funeral. Many of the family did not come and his pallbearers were his chauffeur, his male nurse, and four employees. And his name was wiped away from many of the companies and charities as if he did not exist.

Why Do I Write All of This ?

Because life is too short here and too long afterwards to live in such a way as the person in our text.   This post is to say that we are all leaders.  I know, I know, you are saying well somebody has to follow and that is true also.  We are all leading somebody and we are all following somebody. 

Ask a copywriter, marketer, carpenter, doctor, lawyer who is his or her example -- their leader that they pattern themselves after to some extent and they will tell you.  You have customers that are following you and others will follow their lead and they will become bigger leaders.  I think you understand what I am saying. 

We should live our lives with honesty, integrity, and Agape (love) for our fellow human.  We should live in such a way that we attract people to us because we are the kind of leader that they want to  be associated with, and want to follow, and become like.

This does not matter what field of work we are in.

People go to doctors because they know, like and trust that doctor even if it is only by word of mouth.  People get a certain carpenter to build or repair their house for the same reason.  If you are in an MLM or Network, or  Affiliate Marketing it is no different people buy from you because you are a person of value and you have values.

You should have this in you so much that if you cross the invisible line that those following you will say, "what are you doing?"

You may be asking how do I attract people in marketing? My answer, the same way you attract them to be your friend.  You give or offer a value that is greater than what they are giving you.  You offer something that will improve their lives because they have a relationship with you.  Your relationships should give you and your customers fulfillment today. 

If you would like to know how to do this in marketing here is a free ten day, boot camp to get you started. 

We attract people to us that are like us. We are attracted to people that we want to be like.  So look in the mirror and ask what kind of people are going to follow me?

If you decide you are not being honest with people, then you should be losing sleep.  You need to make a decision that you are going to be a super leader that attracts super customers with super value. 

Always be on the self-improvement path

When done right -- MLM, Networking, and Affiliate marketing systems are (in my opinion) self-improvement programs that bring value to everyone who participates.  You can check out the starting point in the one I recommend here.  The Free coaching program is excellent!

I urge you to become a super leader no matter what you do.  Do all you can do ... to be interested ... in the relationship with your customer.  Then, super customer's will bring great relationships to your life.

To your success 

thank you 


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I Lost My Blog Post When I Hit Publish

Where did my blog post go?

When this happens you can have a very sinking feeling that all of your work just disappeared.  It happened to me the first time also.​

A little help for new learners

I don't know this for sure but I would think that a new person to blogging or marketing would not have a full understanding of the internet and what happens at certain points of the process.  It is my intent with this post to help out this understanding. 

Let me Explain ...

I have two videos (crude, I might add) that I hope will help. The first one is me and a white board and I am trying to share with you, my comparison of an interstate roadway  to the internet roadway. 

I hope this has been of value to you. It is only my explanation of how the internet works with blog post or pages that are created as a marketer or internet user. 

Second video to find blog post ...

In this 3 min video, from inside your WordPress back office, it is very simple to find your lost blog post. Have a look.

I have much to learn and to share which I will do as time move on.  If you like have found value in this and would like to receive more tips as I learn them you can subscribe in the box at the top right.   Also, you can leave a comment below or share this post with others.

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To your continued success --

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5 Keys to Continous Persistence

Continuous Persistence

Continuous Persistence will bring you to full bloom

5 Keys to Having Never Ending Persistence

Entrepreneurs and Home business owners face a great challenge that is different from when you work for the other man. This is because many times we are working by ourselves and all the responsibility falls on our shoulders.

I am fortunate or unfortunate, this depends on which way you think of the situation, to work in both worlds. I work long days then come home take care of the around the house daily things then switch modes to begin working on my home business.

Some days this is not difficult at all to make the transition. But then, there are the other times when it is more challenging to get started. Then there are the super difficult days that you just want to sit down and rest.

It is during these times that I need encouragement to be persistent in to move forward. Dr Bob Clarke has been working his business part-time for many years and has seen just about every challenge that faces home business owners.

When I was in one of those modes where I needed that kind of encouragement I found a Daily Dose of Awesome that had been recorded by Dr Bob that was just what I needed to hear.

I want to share that with you on this blog post today. And I am going to give you the opportunity to hear Dr Bob him in the audio below.

Here is a breakdown of what I understand from Dr Bob’s Daily Dose of Awesome. 

#1 Expect obstacles —

Expect challenges!  Expect to get knocked down and at the same time, avoid dwelling on this because then you will start to attract those thing into your life.

The Boy Scout motto —  “Be Prepared”  This way you are not blindsided by the challenges  They hit everybody and they hit often. This is what separates us from those who quit.  

#2 Set your Intention

Say to yourself — I will not be stopped!  I will treat every obstacle as a stepping stone to the next level!  I will never be denied and nothing can stop me in the pursuit of my dreams! I will not be stopped! Never, never give up!  

An example is while I was writing this blog — I lost the contents 6 times! It would not save correctly four times.  So what I had wrote disappeared. Start over.  The battery died on my laptop. I got a call from my day job and had to leave, and I forgot to save my work.   Finally, I have what you are now reading. 

Create your own but set your intentions.

#3 Think of the Alternative

You have a VISION of somebody that you want to be ( a “to be” goal), remember it.  Remind yourself of your “WHY.”  Why you are doing this in the first place.  Remember if it was easy everybody would be successful.  

You have a vision! A POWERFUL VISION — think of the alternative … going back to the couch and watching other people’s dreams on the big screen.   It needs to be your movie in the theatre of your mind so it can become reality! 

#4 Have a life line

Even professional swimmers get caught in the undercurrent or the fast moving waters of the river from time to time. They need somebody to throw them a lifeline  to help pull them back in.  During the tough times, you need to have that somebody when life is really getting the best of you.

It can be anyone you choose, a family member, a friend, a coach, or a sponsor.  The EMP has two built-in groups to be your lifeline for you and you could be another person’s lifeline.  

#5   Outsource your obstacles when possible

Technology is one that you can Outsource to such places as  Try to learn that you can’t do everything, even though we want to.  If you are like I am … there is only one of me. 

 You can also get somebody else to do your writing. Copywriting is something that people get paid for and that’s all they want to do. 

You can hire a coach which is probably the most important thing you could do for yourself.

So outsource when you can.  Determine the value of your time.  It maybe that you pay someone to clean your house so you can use that time to work on the income.  Look at your options.  


Now, consider … why do most people give up?

#1 — they are lazy – this is not you.  You want to be in the top 20% of earners.  That is why you are here learning.

#2 — their “why” is not strong enough! Their vision is not strong enough and they can’t turn to that for encouragement.

#3 — they are not prepared to meet the challenges that are coming. So they get knocked on their butt and do not get up.

You MUST understand — the obstacles are coming to take your vision away!  You understand that … right?  They are trying to take away your vision.

Your automatic failure mechanism is working. If you do not Activate your success mechanism then your failure mechanism and the obstacles will win.

There is help to win the Battle

There is a system that will help you.  It is Elite Marketing Pro. It is designed to help  home business and more to succeed.  Here is what you can do to see for yourself.  There is a free 10 day boot camp that shows you how to Attract people to your business.  And if you decide this might be for you – inside the system there is a free coaching program and two communities to help you have consistant persistance.   

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How Anger Can Short Circuit Your Servo-mechanism

Image by franky242 at

Anger Management needed

Image by franky242 at

How Anger Can Short-Circuit Your Servo-mechanism 

Anger can short circuit your servo-mechanism as fast a water being thrown into a fuse box.  This slows down any form of growth whether it is your anger or some other persons being directed at you that you allow to infect you.  

  I watched this in action as a man who had been doing shutdown’s for most of his life and worked with power tools as he put it, “for a million years” and could not figure out how to use an alan wrench to remove a grinding blade from a new grinder.  He was mad when he walked in the door and started attacking the front counter clerk.     

Being Mad Blocks  your hearing  

This grinder you sold me has got the wrong wrench in it, he said.  “It is suppose to have a spanner wrench to take this two-holed nut off so you can change the blade,” he spouted out.     

The counter clerk followed the rules and called the company for the man to see if they could answer his question – even though they were telling him the correct thing to do it simply would not work. Not because it would not work but because he already was mad and could not listen to what the person on the phone what telling him. Therefore, his growth was stopped in its tracks!

Then, when he got off the phone he was even more upset and continued his yelling at the front counter clerk.  “I have never had a store to have me to call the company!”   “Sir that is what is says right here on the box,” as the clerk showed the customer. Well you will not have to worry about me coming in here any more!

  “Me and the manager is going to have some words!”  He is standing right here as the clerk pointed at the manager and he stepped forward.

Anger causes loss of Time and relationships  

He looked at the man and then the clerk and said “just give him his money back.”  The clerk was shaking because the customer just kept on being ugly and the manager said “just give him his money back and be done.”  And he stood there to personally hand the customer  back his money so that the clerk would not have to get near the customer.  

The man did not have words with the manager, he took the money and left.  I know the manager had a few choice words that he could have said to the man but he did not.  As somebody once said, if I get this right — “the less you respond to negativity the more positive your life will be.”  

Control your own anger

This is because one negative leads to another and another until you have destroyed each other. The manager could have embarrassed the  customer by showing him how easy it was to remove the grinding wheel.  Or, telling the customer that if he did not know how to operate an alan wrench that he sure did not need a grinder.  But that would have been perceived as being a smart butt!  Just let them go — some customers you do not need.  

Just let them go — some customers you do not need.  

Now, why this story?  And it is a true story.  As business people, marketers of whatever product, you are going to have difficult customers.  If you have a brick and mortar  they can just walk in and attack.  If you are online you will still have those who will be verbally abusive with text.   

There are also other ways to allow anger to interfere  with your goals in life.  Sometimes when we don’t get enough leads,  or the leads that we do get are not converting.  Or your ad gets shut down, or the target market is not just right.   There are so many ways that anger can get into our head. 

This can help

But, there is a way to reduce the negative actions so that you do not have so much.  It is called Attraction Marketing.  

I would like to share with you what my friend and expert on this subject, Ferny Cellabos, says in this quote from his blog post.


(Ferny’s quote) 

I think we will all look back at the year 2015 as the tipping point for when Internet marketing (i.e. passive online selling & recruiting) was finally legitimized as the force it deserves to be recognized as, in network marketing.

Person after person, stood up at the 6-Figure Summit saying they built their businesses, primarily using Internet marketing.

Now, if they were only 6-figure earners, what has happened in the past is that ‘old schoolers’ would dismiss their success as a ‘fluke’ or ‘non-duplicatable.’

However, 2 seats from me sat a woman named Hayley who stood up when 7-figure earners were asked to identify themselves and she openly said that she built online and she described her strategy.

What she outlined as the blueprint for her business was exactly a method we’ve been teaching at Elite Marketing Pro for years, which we call ‘attraction marketing,’ outlined in our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here and published an e-book on called Attraction Marketing Formula.

In addition to Hayley, others stood up and shared very similar approaches.

These folks didn’t message strangers online templated messages like in Strategy #1.

They didn’t fill their friend’s News Feeds with thinly veiled promotions for an opportunity or product as in Strategy #2.

What they did was they created a truly passive way of making sure that when they woke up each morning…

They would have an inbox full of notifications, letting them know that there were 10, 20, 50, or even hundreds of new prospects, interested in learning more about their opportunity or product.

They would also have an inbox full of notifications of 5 – 10 new CUSTOMERS waiting to receive their product and excited about the possibility it holds for them.

They would also have an inbox full of notifications of 5 – 10 new DISTRIBUTORS ready to get signed up (or already signed up while you slept), waiting to be led in their new exciting venture.

You see, just about every other type of business in the world is now using proven, passive and scalable online marketing & advertising methods.

So why NOT your network marketing business? The only reason would be if it wasn’t a REAL business. But you and I know better.

There is a proven way to build online and you can learn more about it here via my bootcamp.

Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study.


I am thankful to Ferny for sharing this important information with us.  It has help hundreds of people, including my self.

If you have found this blog and its information useful, then sign up for your free 10 day bootcamp or share it with someone you think will find it useful. 


thank you,

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The Awesome Daily Dose of Awesome

This is 15 mins of Awesome ...

Awesome is a very powerful word when you use it in the right way and at the right time.   When it is used in a title like I did here today we have a tendency to think --- "what he is about to talk about really is not. " 

But let me assure you this time it does carry the weight that the word is supposed to carry .  So let me share with you a story.  Saturdays, is a day that I do yard work for other people and have done so for over 14 years.   It was so much that I did not even have time to do my own yard on Saturday.   I would cut it at different times in the evening through the week. 

One day to change your thinking ...

Today I decided to listen to "Daily Dose of Awesome" with my cell phone and headset.  I listened to it so long that the battery went dead on my cell phone. 

I was cutting grass, weed eating around the flowers, sidewalks, the pine trees, picking up pine cones etc etc and listening to 15 minutes after 15 minutes of absolutely AWESOME stuff about how to operate as an entrepreneur. These calls were so good I was like -- "WOW this is so good I have to listen to it again!"  So I did.

  ​This is an impressive list of 5, 6, and 7 figure earners, who own their own business and do coaching, mentoring,  and training, and they are sharing what they do everyday to make their business grow.  You can take this advice and implement it today.  

Start your change right here ...

Watch  this short video and see for yourself this vault of information that can help you explode you business.

The Daily Dose of Awesome is just part of the system click the orange button to learn more 

FREE! "The Simple 5-Step Formula Reveals How You Can Unlock 13 Brand-New Income Streams that is a perfect compliment to the Daily Dose of Awesome 

The Daily Dose will help you many times over to solve challenges in your business but, if you click the link above to get access to an awesome marketing library.  Go ahead just give it a look I think you will be impressed.

If you have found this helpful please like it and share it with others who may benefit from it also.

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PS.  The skill of Marketing can be and is used in every field of life. Elite Marketing Pro has the tools you need to have a continuing learning process. 

Why Funnels are an Important Part of Marketing


What is a Funnel?

What is a funnel? That is what I asked my mother one day when we were canning vegetables.

In the kitchen a funnel is a very useful item.  you can use it to put milk in a plastic jug, or vegetables and fruits in funnela mason jar.

New mothers can use it to put formula in to the baby’s bottle.  A mechanic can use one to put oil in an engine so that it does not spill on to the engine or the ground.

The design of a funnel has a big wide opening at the top, usually in the form of a circle.  It then begins to tapper down to a very small hole in the bottom. From there is a tube of various lengths depends on the need,  lets say it is 4 inches long, this allows you to control the flow of the product coming out of the funnel.

What Does This Have to with Marketing?

The principle is the same, you want to pour prospects in a the top and let them slide down to the bottom, then come out the little tube in a controlled manner.

Now here are some basic rules.  Since you never get enough clients, that is your jar will never fill up, then you need to keep the top of the funnel full.   This way you always have someone coming out the bottom.  Just like decorating a cake, you fill the hopper with icing and you have the tip of your selected design on the bottom, then you squeeze out some icing to make something beautiful.

In this case it should be a happy client who has purchased something from you that is going to make his or her life much better.  They may even become one of your best team members 

Different Funnels 

Just as there are different sized funnels for the kitchen, the car, the baby, there are also different funnels for different purpose’s of marketing.  There are email funnels, webinar, Event, and Flash funnels. There are coaching, counseling, and connecting funnels.  There are engaging, resurrecting, and follow up funnels.  And the list could go on and on depending on your market and skill.  

The funnel can be a simple email, capture page, purchase order form or a 13 step complex journey. It all depends on the need of the product and desired customer. 

The name and how many you have are important but not as important as what a funnel can do for you and your business.   

The Benefits of having a Funnel

The funnel directs the person of interest in the direction they need to go … to get all the information they need … to make a decision about your product.

When they are set up the right way it gives customer an opportunity to purchase any where they are in the funnel or continue through the system to see more and to obtain greater value.

A funnel can also send a follow up email to remind a person where they left off — in case something happened during the process and they had to leave or the internet failed or lunch ended or whatever happened.

If you have a “brick and mortar” business your funnel can take your customer from on-line to off-line and back on-line again. It can help bring them to the front door of your business.

One of the best reasons to have a funnel is this CAN be and SHOULD be totally automated.  

This automation is going to give you freedom to do other things in your business that need to be done.  Without this automation you could not keep up and would lose sales. 

There are more reasons to have funnels and to understand what they do and how they work.  There are to many to share with you in this post so below is a link to a funnel building expert.  If you are at all interested in how to apply this tool to your business click on the big orange button  



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instant explosion in sales, recruits, and income!


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A Spiritual Rejuvenation Weekend – A New Beginning —

spiritualSpiritual Encouragement — it is an inside job 

There is a time to take a break from your work and work on yourself.  If you do not do this you can get what we call burn-out.  This is sorta what I did this weekend.  That is, at the congregation I attend we had a Preacher/Teacher bring 5 lessons from Friday – Sunday.  

Not that I was about to burn out or anything like that but this had been planned for several months.  As a congregation we try to have this twice a year. This meeting was well worth the break from my business.  

But at the same time I did put into practice the marketing skills that I have learned.  I will show you this in a moment, and at the same time I would like to share with you a short overview of what the weekend was about.



My useful marketing skills for the spiritual work 

This ad to the right shows the Who, What, When, Where, you had to come to the meeting to get the How.  I posted this on a website to give people an opportunity to get a whole picture of what would be taught. 

Notice the titles of each lesson, 

Who Am I?  –  you have to know who you are before you can change yourself to be better.

What is My Greatest Danger? What would stop me from serving God with all that I have?  In this case it is making 2nd best 1st.

How should I Read? This is about learning the background of who is writing.  The culture, who he was writing to, and what is the writing style, all of this to get the right understanding. 

What Do I want on my Tombstone? How you live your life is how people will remember you.

What is in a Name? People recognize the power of a name.  There are certain names we would not like to be called or associated with and there are those that we would carry with a banner. 

These titles will be useful in a moment.

Back to the marketing skills … Then, I pulled a couple of the pictures to create an ad for Facebook and send them to the website.  I create two and both times Facebook let them run for a 24 hrs to 48 hrs they shut them down.  I was over the 20% rule.  


I also created an event on Facebook shared it – only a few saw that ad.


Spiritual So, I went to the church building and took several pictures to create this ad below.  I boosted the post and targeted 50 miles in the local city.  

It reached 1929 people – which = 16 photo clicks + 3 page likes + 99 post likes and 7 shares.  This ended up with 2 coming to visit.

Not many but it gives me a list to re-target with tidbits and slides from the meeting.  This is called follow up.    





The small Follow Up in action 


Then, after each lesson, I would come home and put my take-away’s and the title of the lesson on a post.  I also tried to either create a picture or find one that fit the lesson title.   

Like this one to the right .   ——>


So what would be the point of this blog post?

First — to let you know some of who I am.  Everything fits inside of my service to God.  

Second — Marketing and sales applies to everything we do.  Even spreading the Word.

I was glad that I had learned how to use Facebook and the marketing skills that are taught in Elite Marketing Pro.

 Because just as I wanted to be able to help people learn how to earn extra money, or have their own business, I also  wanted to learn how to reach more people and show them about a true Enduring Investment. 

Third — Is to say that all our skills should be used to do good work and to create GREAT relationships with the great people of the earth.  

We can use the skills that are taught in Elite Marketing Pro to market and sell anything from girl scout cookies to rocket ships (and some have done so).  And in this process be able to meet wonderful men and women who want to help others in this world also.  

One last statement – Elite Marketing Pro is an awesome community to belong to.

If you want knowledge it is here.

If you want products it is here.

If you want help it is here.  

If you want a System that you can invest in that will give you great returns Elite Marketing Pro the one.

In its own way this system and community can help you find out who you are, show you your greatest danger, help you to read so a lot can be put on your tombstone, and what’s in a name, could be yours on the leader board of sales in Elite Marketing Pro. 

If this is of interest to you click below to learn more.  


"I Leveled The Playing Field And Removed Every Roadblock To Helping You Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time..."

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How to Keep Your Eyes on the Screen While Recording a Video

Have you seen some videos where the author keeps on wanting to show you his ear?

Or maybe it is the top of his or her head?

For many being in front of a camera can change the way you think, that is, you forget what it is you wanted to say. Your thinker shuts off!

This does not happen when you are in front of a friend and you are excited about something and you want to share it with them.

I think I know what is happening and that is what this blog post is about.

The first point I want to make, is to know your product so well that we do not have to think about it when we speak about it anywhere. Because knowing your product gives you confidence and your subconscious helps to feed your mouth the words that you need.

Get a Script

But until we get to that point, my thought is you need a video script of some sort, to help to keep you on track.
What I have learned about this is …

Step one — write out what you want to tell your audience

Step two — read this script 8 or 10 times to get it in your head and to make sure what you are saying makes sense.

Reading aloud helps with this tremendously.

Step three — record yourself and listen to it

Step four — after you have got the main ideas and words in your head make a list of all your main points in big fonts that you can read easily.

step five – now record your self from this list of main points – audio or video – if video is what you want to do then use that medium. When you are ready – or even if you are not — do this anyway because practice makes perfect. The usual problem is we don’t practice. Open your script that you have been reading from in a word processor of your choice.

Next, turn on your video recorder on your computer screen of what ever you are using to record (youtube, your computer videorecorder, etc. most likely your screen will look like this (insert clip)This is where I want to show you how to keep your eyes more focused toward the audience.

Now go to the bottom of your computer screen and put your mouse pointer over the bar (in windows)windows_tool_bar_1

and right click. you should get a pop up window that says “cascade windows”,  show windows stacked , show windows side by side.   click on one of these and see how it arranges you camera and your word processor.

If your computer is like mine — the camera will stay focused on you no matter where you put on the screen. But you need the word processor where you are most comfortable .



Now start recording — you words are in front of you and you are in front of the camera. It should look like this video below.

To your success

Thank You 


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PS - if you are interested in learning more about working with videos  then click below and see if this will help you.

The Simple video script formula 

Here’s a short word-for-word script that’ll transform a simple 2-minute video into a RAGING LEAD-GENERATION MACHINE… flooding your website with FREE laser-targeted traffic.

Tidbits of Awesome Training in Elite Marketing Pro

Have you ever wanted to have a trainer who can answer every question you have?

Me too!trainer

Unfortunately, finding that one person is a very difficult task. So the next best thing is to have several trainers.
This is one more reason to belong to Elite Marketing Pro System. Because the trainers of Elite Marketing Pro are Awesome!


The Awesomeness of these men and women


There are several reasons but I will only list a few in this blog.


First … they are easy to talk to. I have been on Google hangout training, webinar training, chat’s in person and not found one trainer that would not listen and respond in away that made you feel like you were perfectly normal. Not like they are above you or have more power or any of that, you are treated like a human should be treated. You are treated IMPORTANT!


Second … they are generous with their time. Sometimes there are those of us that are more hardheaded than the usual learner, that would be me, but they stay beyond the designated time to help you get the training needed to become successful. For example in two of the last training events online about traffic David S. and Sebastian A. gave up approximately 30 minutes more to make sure the person, they were working with, fully understood.


Third … they know their stuff. They are not afraid to show you what they are doing right now that is working. They show you how to do it, not just say here is what you need to do, they actually show you click by click. How awesome is that!


Fourth … when they do not know the answer they find the answer or direct you to one who would know the answer.

We all have skills that we catch onto quicker or that seems to be natural to us so we are better at that one thing. These trainers are no different. That is the wonderful thing about having more than one trainer.


For example … Tim is great at funnels and copywriting, Matt is great on the technical building in the background, Michelle is great at Facebook. Katrina is great at blogging. This list could go on and on. Here is the point, They are an awesome resource of knowledge individually but a POWER HOUSE of knowledge together.


So what are some of the tidbits ?

First … Sell yourself.

This is something that we must do every day and every where we have any human contact.
You must sell yourself to someone to become their friend. To go on a date. To get them to hire you. To get your children to think you are the best Dad or Mom. The best husband or wife. On the internet it is no different, people want to know and trust you before they will buy from you.

This idea of selling yourself is called branding. I don’t know where or how the term got applied to selling but it reminds me of the cattle rustling days when you had to have your ranch logo burned into the cows hide so that anybody who saw that “brand” knew who the cow belonged to.

This is the same way it works for us. When people see your name, your face, your writing, your products, your logo they know that is Bill’s or George or Sue. When they hear your voice they know who you are and what your history is within the market place.


Second … know the people you want to associate with.

Generally you will build rapport faster and deeper with someone who is similar to you. This is because you can and/or do have a lot of things in common so that they and you think “he is just like me.”

This can be, but is not necessarily, your avatar. There is that word that so many people have a difficulty with, “avatar”, I know I did. it is becoming clearer.

Third … have, display, hold to … Integrity.

No matter what things it may cost you, keep your integrity. People will see if you waver from this path, like animals sense fear in us, people will see this weakness in you. Once there is a hole in your clothe of Integrity it is nearly impossible to repair. The bad is not forgotten and the good is not remembered.

This is Important!

If you were looking for technical training in this blog, I am sorry, that will come in future blogs. this was important to me because if I could not have the bonding with the trainers and have the feelings that I have described here … then the training would have no value either.

If you would like to meet and get to know trainers like I have shown here, these are real people, to help you with your path to success, then click below to dip your toe in the water. See if you get the same great feeling from the training that I have.


Training That will Attract the  People Who want to do business with YOU

"Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit - Rejection FREE - Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…"


To your success

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get a small picture of the iceberg of a life changing community.  

Are you judging your peers?


Have you done your American duty to sit in on acourt_gavel jury to judge one of your own peers?

After more than half a century I had my first opportunity to go be in line to be chosen for a junior. There were more than one hundred of us gathered there. All the chairs were filled and we were lined down the wall for this one criminal trial event.

The court room is huge and impressive. It has this feeling of power and fear in it as you’re about to prepare to judge somebody

It took the officials 40 minutes to tell us what was going to happen then they separated us out in groups of 50.

The first 50 stayed in the courtroom and the other 50 told to go out and wait and not leave the grounds.

We went out and we waited … the justice system is a very long process … and we waited. I was there 5 hours … waiting.

While we were waiting I started writing to finish some final thoughts on a blog. With my head down I could hear people around me talking.

I raised my head and began to watch and listen to what they said how they acted.

If it were me that they were going to place judgment on I would be happy if they were not on the 12 person team of my peers.


Here is the reason.

They were already making a condemning judgment without hearing all the facts.

“you can’t just do what you want to do to somebody!”

Others did not want to take the time to hear the facts – “just say something and let’s get out of here.”

This is completely unfair towards the person to be judged. 


Why do I bring this up

As new marketers it is easy to sit in the seats of the courtroom and make judgments on those at the front of the room.

“Oh, it’s easy for you”, we say.

“You came out of this field so you already knew this stuff”Envy

“I don’t have time for someone born with a silver spoon in their mouth”

“She knows the top dog so things are just handed to her” (or him)

Are we being fair to that person?

We do not know all the facts.

We have not heard their story.

We have not seen what hardships they went through or how many times they have already failed and got up again. 

We have not examined the evidence to make a true judgement.

We only see what they have and the little green eyed critter called envy or his partner called jealousy blocks our vision of the truth.


Here is the truth

You are, we are, being unfair to our self.

How? Good question.

By blocking out valuable information from those people who have made it to the top.

By not hearing if their story may be just like ours that we have not completed yet.

One of man’s biggest mistakes is — we do not learn from others mistakes.


Next … you are being unfair to yourself by comparing yourself to them.

They are not you and you are not them!

You want someone to compare yourself too …

Get a mirror – if you are two-faced, get two of them.

Compare that person in the mirror to the person that was there yesterday

Be careful with the judgement – if you convict yourself without hearing the facts … you get shut down.

If you judge too harsh, you will become afraid to stick you hand out for fear of it getting slapped.

Make the judgement based on truth.


Finally, compare yourself to what you see in the mirror tomorrow.

I credit this picture to a Facebook post self poitritof “self portrait”   so look at yourself and judge yourself as having great potential. As being a can-do person.

Judge yourself as having the right to belong to a great community of the human race that will give and receive encouragement, strength, knowledge, and compassion when we make a mistake. And a helping hand when we fall.

So go ahead – judge your peers — judgement is all we have – we can not make laws. For there is only one lawgiver.

But judge correctly – for with the set of rules you judge others will also judge you.

If you are looking for a community to help you without condemning judgement then try the Elite Marketing Pro community. See if it is the community you have been looking for.

to your success


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PS – In the future — how will you judge the life you now live … don’t pass up the opportunity to say it was a GREAT journey with Elite Marketing Pro Click here pass judgement after 30 days.